• Ronnie Stewart

A Setback = A Setup for a Comeback

"A Setback is a setup for a comeback."

I wish I were so clever as to have come up with this equation myself! Frankly, I can't specifically recall who revealed the concept to me. What I do know is that I am incredibly grateful! Grateful, not only for the clever wisdom, but for the never-ending repository of resilience (even in the most bleak times) this framework (now an adopted motto) has helped me build (both personally and professionally, across the twists and turns that have come with building a career).

Setbacks. They are the often (but not always) whispered "war" stories that pepper our career experiences. If you've been in, or have tried to gain access to Corporate America, you've undoubtedly experienced them:

-You didn't get the job offer

-You got the job offer, but you were low-balled on the salary

-You received less than stellar feedback from your manager or colleague

-You dropped the ball on an assignment

-You lost your client's trust

-The manager or leader you were counting on to help you navigate your role left the company

-You didn't secure the promotion

-You had a run-in with a co-worker, and have to deal with the fallout

-You were overheard saying something that shouldn't have been uttered

...and so many more examples, I could go on for days.

Each of these examples (though they may seem like the absolute most epic fails when they are happening to you), are actually hidden gems. These are the the most solid platforms for anyone to leap FROM and then TO an epic comeback story! What rests on the other side of each of these experiences is a landing zone of so many amazing stories of growth, education, liberation and general "how-I-made-it-over" goodness!

The most successful professionals have a huge BUT/HOWEVER/THEN that comes after each setback. This moment of pause is there to properly tee-up the next chapter - a well-earned and learned comeback story (and most folks are more than happy to share!

There are literally hundreds of speakers and teachers who have touched on this concept, creating videos talks and the like. Instead of recreating the wheel, Check out the TEDx talk below, which perfectly sums up the concept!



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