• Ronnie Stewart

Number "7"

Today I sat for a bit thinking about two upcoming milestones -- a significant birthday (you know, the type ending with a "0" or a "5"), as well as another number, 7 - the total number of years I've spent serving in my current organization.

As I look toward being a lot closer to "40" (and mind you I agree even that is super young) than I am to "24", I've been beyond motivated to really understand my "value" both impact-wise, and numerically (read $) in Corporate America.

I've worked hard for many years to carve out a unique role for myself, ultimately changing careers (though still in the same industry) in the process. Within the course of that change, I've also been able to dive deeper into what I know I was put on this earth to do - help others achieve career success, and do the best possible work of their lives. OhHeyCoach, and another new venture launching on 2019 (get excited) are manifestations of my purpose, with more to come!

The number "7" represents completion. As I near my 7th year working in a place that I've worked in longer than any other place in my life, I'm excited and encouraged. Why? I took 30 minutes (namely scrolling through my corporate/public Twitter handle @OhHeyRonnie) to look at all of the receipts and (just some) of the fruits of my labor throughout the years!

From inviting celebrities into our space to spark understanding about multicultural consumer audiences, to being an industry voice and ambassador, advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at EVERY opportunity, I've been hard at work. Innovating, challenging norms, learning and bringing others along with me.

Truth moment: sometimes you really have to take the time to do exercises like this to really remind yourself how much of a bad@$$ you are! In looking through all of the amazing-ness that I've had a chance to play a role in over the years, I am confident in the significance of my impact, and through that crystal clear about my value! What's more, is that though I get confirmation from peers, colleagues, clients and industry friends, the real confidence is evidenced in how I show up and show out each day!

So, what's your truth? Have you had a moment to reflect on your wins, lessons and blessing for the year?

I'd love to hear! Drop some goodies in the comment section below!