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We Are Here + Terribly Excited!

Updated: Mar 31, 2018

I am so excited to be re-launching our coaching practice. We are now OhHeyCoach! So, what's the deal? Why the change? Glad you asked?

Two words - authenticity and accessibility.

When I launched The Dickerson Stewart Group, I was a relatively new coach and terribly excited about getting fully immersed in my coaching practice. I'd been coaching for years, but the certification refined my skills and truly made me a professional (thank you to everyone at The Academies - the coaching practice I trained within).

Anywho - so being new to coaching, my primary concern was getting to work, and branding was a secondary or tertiary priority at best. Now, I won't shade myself - The Dickerson Stewart Group was (and is) still a damn great name. I chose to use the name, not simply because its my name, but because it incorporates the names of the two little guys I love most in the world, my son and nephew. I wanted to build something they could be proud of. Something that had them reflected and directly attached to it (shedding a little thug tear, just writing that line).

Though my approach was meaningful, it wasn't helpful, particularly in connecting with folks outside of my first and second degree network, with whom I'd like to work with. The DS Group could have been a law firm, an accounting firm (and the list goes on). That is problematic for a business that you want to scale beyond "folks you know".

Second challenge with the name is the perception of prestige or lack of accessibility - both of which happen to be positions that are directly in conflict with the spirit of my coaching practice and approach.

The sole reason I was inspired to pursue coaching is the fact that folks in the "thick" middle part of their career rarely (if ever) get access to coaching - Coaching that could propel them forward or help them navigate the challenges that no doubt will come their way as they are building a life and career they love. I'm here for them!

The other piece is authenticity. I have a philosophy (that I'll expand on in a later post) - it's called "keeping it #250". If you've heard of the colloquialism "keep it 100" (and if not look it up), you know it means that you're being 100% honest. When it comes to coaching, I subscribe to the "keep it #250" school of thought - which means I keep it 100% twice then add 50% more. I don't play about being honest and transparent with my clients, so I had to be honest with myself. And, I'll be honest with you - I really was getting annoyed with my name being attached to a business, and then saying it repeatedly. On top of that, I hated the extra two to three steps I'd have to overcome to clearly communicate what I do (and more so why I do it).

So, I took some time away from my practice -- to think, to gather feedback from clients and then to determine not just what I wanted to be called, but how I wanted to approach business.

After a 4 month hiatus from promoting my practice and pursing new clients, I had an "aha" moment one day in my office. I started to think about how each of my early coaching relationships (before I was "official") began. There were these tentative knocks at my office door, a casual email or even a request for coffee "just to talk". The relationships were simply based on well-meaning folks seeking out someone they could trust to help illuminate a situation, or to help game plan to get out of one. They all started with something as casual as an "Oh, hey...!" Simple, friendly, authentic and very much in line with the energy and spirit at the root of my "why" behind coaching.

So, y'all - we're OhHeyCoach, LLC. (or just OhHeyCoach if you're not my accountant, the IRS or my bank). Just writing the name gives me thrills and chills.

I'm so excited to embark on the future of my coaching practice and ultimately a broader coaching platform (shhhhh real G's move in silence like lasagna according to lil' wayne, but I'll keep you posted as we grow, least I can do as you've read this far).

Thank you for reading & supporting!

More fun to come. In the interim, check our for updates, events and all the great ways to connect with OhHeyCoach!


Ronnie Dickerson Stewart

Founder, Oh Hey Coach, LLC.

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